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Doc Watson with an old Gibson acoustic flat top J-45 guitar

Doc Watson (1923-2012), a blind musician from the mountains of Deep Gap, North Carolina was an originator and master of the style of guitar playing known as “flatpicking”. Bluegrass musicians to this day embrace his dazzling style of playing a…

Gibson J-45 vintage guitar

My 1948 Gibson J-45 – The J-45 “Jumbo” model made its […]


"I'd think learning to play the guitar would be very confusing for sighted people."

- Doc Watson

Mother Maybelle Carter holding her antique Gibson L-5 archtop jazz guitar

Maybelle Carter (1909-1978) Maybelle not only was one of the early pioneers of country music, but also one of the first people to play a lead solo on the guitar. Her original approach of playing the melody on the bass…

1934 Gibson L-5 vintage guitar

My 1934 Gibson L-5 – Like a violin, the […]


"It was quite an experience for me, I never dreamed of making a record."

- Maybelle Carter on the Bristol Sessions

Tony Rice with his beloved vintage Martin D-28 herringbone guitar

Tony Rice (1951 – ) is “the” man, period! Both his solos and rhythm are always inventive, dazzling, and for me couldn’t be better. He always “pulls” fabulous tone out of any guitar that he plays, but most notably out…

1946 Martin D-28 vintage guitar

My 1946 Martin D-28 – There is nothing like playing an […]


"Well I got me a Martin guitar, and I carry an old tote sack. I hocked it about two hundred times, but I always get it back."

- from 'Freeborn Man' as sung by Tony Rice

Albert Collins getting down on his vintage Fender Telecaster guitar

Albert Collins (1932-1993) “The Master of the Telecaster” was a Texas bluesman with a ferocious guitar style and a knack for entertaining his audiences with often quite amusing lyrics. For most of his career, he played a single guitar; a…

1968 Fender Telecaster vintage guitar

My 1968 Fender Telecaster – There’s nothing cooler than an old […]


"Too many dirty dishes in the sink just for us two. Well you got me wonderin' baby, who's makin' dirty dishes with you?"

- Albert Collins from 'Too Many Dirty Dishes'

Woodie Guthrie with his old Gibson L-0 black guitar

Woody Guthrie (1912-1967) was born in Okemah, Oklahoma and very proud of his “Okie” heritage. Woody was “born to ramble” and he would often leave his family behind to hitchhike or hop a freight train to one coast or the…

1940 gibson L-00 vintage guitar

My 1941 Gibson L-0 – The “Jumbo” sized Gibson […]


"As I was walkin' I saw a sign there, and that sign said 'No Tresspassin', But on the other side it didn't say nothin', now that side was made for you and me."

- Woody Guthrie from 'This Land Is Your Land'

Bukka White with his old National Duolian steel body resonator guitar

Bukka White (1906-1977) His actual name was Booker, but the blues world knew him as “Bukka”. It is simply amazing how many great blues musicians came out of the Mississippi delta, including Bukka’s musical inspiration, Charlie Patton. Bukka originally performed…

1933 National Duolian vintage guitar

My 1931 National Duolian – During the late 1920’s […]


"If you want to be a good blues singer, people are going to be down on you, so dress like you’re going to the bank to borrow money."

- Bukka White’s advice to his young cousin, BB King

Norman Blake poses with one of his well worn vintage Martin D-18 guitars

Norman Blake (1934 – ) was one of the early “flatpickers” to burst onto the hot acoustic scene in the early 1970’s. Bluegrass pickers, including myself, just couldn’t get enough fiery hot licks from Norman, Doc Watson, Dan Crary, Tony…

Martin 000-28B vintage guitar

My 1942 Martin D-18 – This much-played and well-worn […]


"I picked on a lot of axes, but the best I’ve ever seen, Is my funky, beat-up, wonderful, old Martin D-18."

- Norman Blake from 'The D-18 Song'

Stevie Ray Vaughan putting his favorite vintage Fender Stratocaster to work

Stevie Ray Vaughan (1954-1990) Not enough great things can be said about Stevie’s incredible talent. It is not often that a musician can develop is own style and sound like no other that came before. His blues licks were fresh,…

20th Anniversary Hamiltone vintage guitar

My 1963 Fender Stratocaster – The reason SRV, Eric […]


"I actually wanted to be a drummer, but I didn't have any drums."

- Stevie Ray Vaughan

Sol-Hoopii, King of the Hawaiian Guitar with his National Tri-Cone Deep Body Guitar

Sol Hoopii (1902-1953) Hawaiian born Sol Hoopii is considered by most to be the greatest lap steel player ever. He played “Hawaiian Style” by laying a National Tricone steel body guitar on his lap and playing the notes by sliding…

kohala girls' vintage guitar

My 1931 National Style 4 – The steel-bodied Style […]


"The Hawaiian people have been from time immemorial lovers of poetry and music."

- Queen Liliuokalani, Hawaii's last queen

Django Reinhardt seems pleased with his new French Selmer gypsy jazz guitar

Django Reinhardt (1910-1953) When he was 18 a fire broke out in his caravan (a horse-drawn wagon used as a gypsy home) while his young wife was making flowers to sell out of highly flammable celluloid. (Martin stopped using celluloid…

selmer maccaferri vintage guitar

My 1976 Favino Gypsy Jazz guitar – Part of […]


"He was the greatest guitarist in my mind. I'd do anything to play as great as he did."

- Les Paul on Django Reinhardt

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